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Behaviour Driven Integration Development

For a few years we have been using behaviour driven integration development techniques with BizTalk and Integration We have found this to be invaluable and one of the Read more

The Azure Citizen Integrator

The Azure Citizen Integrator is a newer role to organizations but is expected to play an important part in the future of organizations currently going through digital Read more

Monitoring on premise BizTalk applications using cloud based Power BI SaaS

In this session Jaidev will demonstrate how they implemented a BizTalk application monitoring solution using Azure cloud based Power BI and multiple on premise data Read more

Integration and IoT

Azure gives us a wide variety of tools to set up our IoT scenarios Using these building blocks we can manage and develop resiliant, hyperscale services In this session, Read more

Integrating with Dynamics CRM

In this session Mike will discuss some of the integration capabilities of Dynamics CRM and talk about some sample integration patterns involving tools from the Microsoft Read more

What’s right & wrong with WCF-WebHTTP Adapter?

In this session, Mark Brimble and Colin Dijkgraaf will tell you why the WCF-WebHTTP adapter requires some workarounds They will use BizTalk 2016 Tap release to Read more

An update from BizTalk Server Product Group – BizTalk Server 2016

Overview of BizTalk 2016 With the RTM of BizTalk 2016 and the files being available now for people to download, Tord G Nordahl Program Manager in Microsoft would like Read more

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