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Logic Apps: Development Experiences

How can I start developing Logic Apps What are the different tools I can use What are the advantages and drawbacks of each developer approach What are the deployment Read more

BizTalk Migrator Deep Dive

Join Dan Probert as we take you on a deep dive of Microsoft’s BizTalk Migrator tool Learn what all the moving parts do, how to modify the configuration, how to improve Read more

Testing for Logic Apps and Azure Integration

In this session, Mike will discuss challenges and approaches for some of the common testing scenarios when delivering integration solutions with Microsoft Read more

Ask me Anything: Designing the New Logic App with Derek Li

Azure Logic Apps is back with an entirely new look including, new runtime, workflow designer, and more! So now you must be thinking about what prompted the Logic Apps Read more

Migrating WCF apps to Azure Kubernetes Service

Docker and Kubernetes are everywhere and you can spin up a production-grade Kubernetes cluster in Azure in a few minutes to run all your shiny new cloud-native apps But, Read more

System Integration using Reactive Programming

In the current software eco-system, the applications are becoming more eventful and we can not trust enough traditional message-based integration concepts and Read more

Building Workflow Solutions with Microsoft Azure and Cloud

Most will agree that a business process can be a workflow But, what do people think of when running workflows in the Cloud and in particular Azure or Microsoft Cloud Read more

Serverless Minimalism: How to architect your apps to save 98% on your Azure bill

Hear how we saved 98% on our Azure bill by using a Serverless architecture instead of a PaaS architecture and learn how you can do the same Also, get to know how we Read more

Migrating BizTalk Solutions to Azure: Mapping Messages

Mark Brimble has a LOT of experience in BizTalk Server! Since joining BidOne a while ago, he started to apply this knowledge to understand how to implement hybrid Read more

Art of Possible: Infrastructure As Code with Terraform | DevOps way

In this session, we will look at how Terraform as IaC tool when applied using a DevOps mindset can help organizations build a very predictable and version-controlled Read more

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