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We are making this a Sticky Post with the instructions to join our #IntegrationMonday webcast.

Please note that you can register well in advance for the #IntegrationMonday sessions on Eventbrite so that we can plan for the number of attendees we can expect for each session. The events have already been created for this quarter (till March 30th). You can register for the events by clicking this link – http://www.eventbrite.com/o/integration-user-group-160636640/

Follow the steps (exactly) as shown below to get the Join.me application running on your device and join the webcast.

Laptop If you are on a Computer:

  1. All you need is to have is a Browser with Flash. Simply click the link https://join.me/biztalk360 and you’ll see a screen with the message “Waiting for presenter”
  2. When the presenter is ready, you notice the Conference access, Chat, Select Zoom Ratio, Participants, Meeting Tools icons Join Me Panel come to life (color changes from grey to green).

Joining the audio conference

You have the option of joining the audio conference through your phone or via the internet.

Audio Conference

If you want to join the audio conference via phone (click here):

  1. Dial a phone number (on your phone) from the following list and enter access code (given below):

Phone Numbers: (Click to expand the list)

United States – New York, NY +1.646.307.1990
Australia – Sydney +61.2.9191.6319
Belgium – Brussels +32.2.588.2771
Brazil – Sao Paulo +55.11.3958.8707
Canada – Bradford +1.226.401.9363
Denmark – national +45.6991.8003
Finland – Helsinki +358.9.4259.9698
France – Paris +33.1.8288.3590
Germany – Berlin +49.30.2555.5893
Hong Kong – national +852.5808.1760
Ireland – Dublin +353.1.531.4868
Israel – Tel Aviv +972.3.763.0434
Italy – Rome +39.06.8339.9900
Japan – Tokyo +81.3.4579.5983
Korea, Republic of – South Korea +
Luxembourg – national +352.20.880.005
Netherlands – Amsterdam +31.20.808.3218
New Zealand – Auckland +64.9.951.8390
Norway – Oslo +
Portugal – national +351.308.800.816
Singapore – national +65.3158.1842
Slovenia – Ljubliana +386.1.828.0252
Spain – Madrid +
Sweden – Stockholm +46.8.4030.8819
Switzerland – Zurich +41.44.508.3055
United Kingdom – London +44.33.0088.2634

Access Code: (click to expand)


Not able to find a phone number?? Click the ‘Phone Icon‘ on the Join.me panel. Expand the ‘Call by Phone‘ section and select the Globe icon to view the list of numbers across different countries.

If you want to join the audio conference via internet (click here):

  1. Click the ‘Phone Icon‘ on the Join.me panel and expand the ‘Call via internet‘ section. In order to be able to hear the audio/let your voice be heard to other participants, you’ll need to download the desktop app (about 10 MB in size!!).
    Audio Conference-Computer

  3. Once you have downloaded the app (join.me.exe), you’ll see the ‘Call by Computer‘ button active under the ‘Phone Icon‘ in the panel. Click the ‘Call by computer‘ button to hear the presenter audio. You can adjust your Microphone and Speaker settings according to your preference.
    Call by computer


Laptop If you are on a handheld device:

  1. Download the Join.me app on your handheld device. Open the App, enter the meeting code, and click the Go icon
  2. Click the ‘Phone Icon’ on the Join.me panel and select the preferred phone number. Click ‘Call‘ to join the audio conference


Author: Sriram Hariharan

Sriram Hariharan is the Senior Technical and Content Writer at BizTalk360. He has over 7 years of experience working as documentation specialist for different products and domains. Writing is his passion and he believes in the following quote - “As wings are for an aircraft, a technical document is for a product — be it a product document, user guide, or release notes”.

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