Using Azure Machine Learning to Detect Patterns in Data from Devices

29 June, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Dwight Goins
Dwight Goins is the Microsoft Integration and SharePoint Practice Lead Consultant at Nimbo, Inc. located in N.Y. Dwight spends most of his time leading his team to implement System Integration solutions and SharePoint Custom workflows using Agile methodologies with Fortune 500 clients such as AIG. Read More

This session is about learning how to use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning with the devices in order to detect data patterns. This session will cover an introduction to Machine Learning, and different algorithms used to detect data patterns. The algorithms discussed will be nearest neighbor, probabilistic learning, decision trees, and neural networks. It will also cover data that comes from devices like the Kinect for Windows device. The session will show basic demos and data coming from the device. The session will then drill down into how to incorporate Azure Machine Learning features into an application to detect data patterns in real time.


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