The top integration features you probably didn’t know existed in Service Bus

30 March, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Dan Rosanova
Dan Rosanova is a three-time Microsoft BizTalk Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with over fourteen years of experience delivering solutions on Microsoft and Solaris platforms in the financial services, insurance, banking, telecommunications, and logistics industries, where he has specialized in high volume and low latency distributed applications. Read More

I had always thought of Service Bus as a messaging broker – much like Rabbit MQ – but the reality is that Service Bus is the most sophisticated messaging platform on the cloud. Bold statement, I know, but this talk will discuss why I feel that way. I’m going to talk about the features of Service Bus I didn’t know existed before I joined Microsoft – and how Service Bus fills a lot of needs for cloud based integration scenarios.


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