The Speaker Nightmare: Eval Forms, OCR, Logic Apps & Power BI

16 October 2017
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Sandro Pereira
Sandro Pereira lives in Portugal and he currently works as a BizTalk consultant at DevScope (www.devscope.net). In the last few years he has been working implementing integration scenarios and Cloud Provisioning at a major telecommunications service provider in Portugal. Read More

An evaluation form is something that a speaker love and hates, especially, if the results are processed in real-time and public available. If the result was excellent, then it is extremely rewarding, other times, it may “hurt” the speaker who has made himself available to share his knowledge and has been evaluated negatively. Sometimes the attendees are unfair in their evaluations, like, to basic in a 100-level session (these types of sessions are supposed to be basic or introductory) or sometimes the speaker had a bad day (it happens with everyone).

I speak from personal experience, is these last 6 years that I have been doing speaking at community events, in Portugal and abroad, I already been evaluated in all ways: badly, reasonable, good and excellent, sometimes I saw in, the same sessions, attendees with different profiles evaluate me badly and excellent. The key point for the speaker is:

All feedback is good, either negative or positive, he can learn to improve itself, if that’s the case, or that I specific topic is not good for a certain audience
He only needs to give his best! We cannot please everyone, and the goal is to fill happy with yourself and your performance.
I love evaluation forms and I love for them to be public available, even better if they are public available during the event. Because, at least, it will give during the event a good topic of conversation for people that do not know each other and it will keep the conversation flowing (naturally), people normally are affray or shy to start a conversation between unfamiliar persons, this is a good ice break.

In this session, I will show and explain a real live demo on how we can easily build a robust solution for process evaluation forms, using an OCR software and easily integrate them with Power BI to present the results in an interactive and beautiful way. But most important: How you can educate your enterprise Developers and IT pros users to easily extend capabilities for power users, who understand their business challenges the best, and allowing them to use their familiar tools like: OCR software to process Evaluation forms and quickly build and deliver Power BI solutions to build Interactive Data dashboards. And at the same time integrate these tools, platforms or systems and a very quick and robust way using integrate feature on Azure, like, Logic Apps, API Apps and Azure Functions. How to start from a simple solution and evolve them enabling new functionalities.


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