Nicholas Hauenstein

Nicholas Hauenstein
Nicholas Hauenstein
Principal Software Development Engineer at QuickLearn Training

Nick Hauenstein is an integration developer, consultant and trainer based in the greater Seattle area. He specializes in BizTalk Server, Azure App Service, as well as the data formats, protocols, and frameworks that surround them.

As a consultant he has traveled all over the country to help build, refine and optimize complex mission-critical BizTalk Server based integrations in the healthcare and financial verticals — helping teams to remove blocking issues, and satisfy low-latency requirements and stringent SLAs. In addition he has helped teams automate their testing, builds and deployments of BizTalk Server solutions.

He has worn many hats over the years as a small business owner, software development engineer, tester, and a Scrum Master. He is also an avid blogger, open source contributor, as well as the creator and maintainer of the T-Rex Metadata Library for Azure App Service.


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