Dwight Goins

Dwight Goins
Dwight Goins
Director of Microsoft Integration at Nimbo

Dwight Goins is the Microsoft Integration and SharePoint Practice Lead Consultant at Nimbo, Inc. located in N.Y. Dwight spends most of his time leading his team to implement System Integration solutions and SharePoint Custom workflows using Agile methodologies with Fortune 500 clients such as AIG. In his night life, he leads a team of developers creating medical based applications, and unique solutions for the Internet of things and devices such as the Kinect for windows and Raspberry Pi. He is an avid Linux User, Open source contributor, as well as a InfoSec Certified Ethical Hacker Instructor. Along with Open source teaching, he maintains an active MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) license, and holds the MCPD, MCSD, Windows 8 Developer certifications, as well as a Certified Data Recovery Professional (CRDP) license. In his spare time he finds a way to take care of his 3 beloved daughters, wife, and extended family by constantly keeping them entertained through travelling, and family fun.
You can contact the third person Dwight Goins at dngoins@hotmail.com or read about his first person experiences at http://dgoins.wordpress.com.


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