Kapil Chadha

Kapil Chadha
Kapil Chadha
Group Manager at Avanade

Kapil is a business leader having 20+ years of experience in leading enterprise solutions and technology delivery across a wide range of sectors. Having strong business acumen skills coupled with proven credentials in software architecture, Kapil is able to drive innovation and profitability with a real impact to business’s bottom line.

A balanced combination of learning from Warwick MBA and a couple of decades of practical experience allows Kapil to remain a client-focused, outcome-oriented, and resourceful leader who is able to lead challenging projects and bring them to successful conclusions. Some of Kapil’s recent technology areas of interest include Cloud foundation (business transition/transformation), Strategy on Current/Future Mode of Operations, Distributed architecture, DevOps (and agile) strategy/incubation, AI, and Big Data concerns.


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