Share your data in event streams

26 November, 2018
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Mattias Lögdberg
Mattias Lögdberg is a Solution Architect at iBiz Solutions a Swedish Company specializing in systems integration on the Microsoft Integration Stack. Since the release of API Management and Logic Apps Mattias has specialized in cloud and hybrid integration using the Microsoft Integration Stack. Talker at Microsoft Events and inspirer to new technologies and how to create value of them. Certified in BizTalk, C#, SQL and other MicrosoftTechnologies. A member of Azure Advisory Groups. Read More

In any organisation sharing data is important. In this session we look at how to export data from a legacy system with a SQL database and making it available in different cloud services. Focus is on using built-in features and making use of a hybrid integration platform. The event stream is then consumed from micro services with different purposes.


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