Microservices and the Cloud-Based Future of Integration

19 January, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Charles Young
Charles Young is a Principle Consultant at Solidsoft Reply with long experience in the Enterprise Application Integration space working with Microsoft BizTalk Server and associated technologies. He was a BizTalk MVP for several years, has blogged extensively on integration issues and was one of the authors of Read More

The software integration market is heating up with dozens of new cloud-based vendors and a sea-change in customer expectations. What does this means for traditional Enterprise Application Integration? What do modern integration tools give us and where is this all heading. The answer is cloud-based microservices PaaS, and Microsoft is leading the charge forward. What are microservices, what is the next-generation Azure PaaS platform all about and how will this transform the world of application and service integration in the future?


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