A Lap around Azure Data Factory

7 December, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Martin Abbott
Martin is an independent Integration and Cloud Architect with over 10 years of experience in many areas of industry. He is based in Perth, Western Australia although originates from the UK where he had a long career with Fujitsu. Martin has worked on a diverse range of projects covering many of Microsoft’s Read More

Azure Data Factory is one of the newer data services in Microsoft Azure and is part of the Cortana Analyics Suite, providing data orchestration and movement capabilities.

This session will describe the key components of Azure Data Factory and take a look at how you create data transformation and movement activities using the online tooling. Additionally, the new tooling that shipped with the recently updated Azure SDK 2.8 will be shown in order to provide a quickstart for your cloud ETL projects.


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