How to build large-scale ETL flows within Azure MDF

18 May, 2020
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Belma Muftic
Belma Muftic is currently working at Mistral Technologies as a Data Scientist. She spoke about the importance of data quality in making or breaking an ML/AI algorithm at DevTribe Gathering Softhouse since she worked on an AI for smoke detection at IQ Wireless GmbH. Furthermore, she held a session on Intro to Data Science and is scheduled as a presenter at Women in Data Science Sarajevo. Alongside her job, she is currently pursuing her Master degree in Data Science. Read More

Mapping Data Flows are executable activities within Azure Data Factory which allow data engineers to construct ETL flows without writing code. It is highly intuitive to work with and you have the option to debug your flow. If you have worked with SSIS before, you will notice how similar it is, but with the exception that MDF is run in the cloud and that Spark clusters are supporting the process from behind, allowing for more resilient processing. You will be demonstrated how to build an ETL flow for large-scale data within Azure MDF: how to source data, how to transform it, and lastly, how to perform upsert to a SQL DB.


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