Healthcare Integration | Opening the Doors to Communication

9 March, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Ramraj Rajkumar
Ram is a domain expert and trusted advisor to numerous healthcare institutions. His expertise has helped to guide architectural design and integration solutions for organizations across both Canada and the United States. Since joining Dapasoft, Ram has played a key role in developing and growing the Read More

Healthcare organizations understand first-hand the challenges and complexity that come with achieving interoperability across the enterprise. Integration plays the central role in connecting health systems to effortlessly communicate and share data, ultimately improving the quality and outcomes of health services. With an integration system in place, healthcare organizations can improve communication within their enterprise, connect to external entities, such as HIEs, laboratories, and long-term care facilities, and to patient platforms, such as Microsoft HealthVault. With established and evolving standards, such as HL7 v2 & v3, CDA, XDS, and FHIR, healthcare organizations now more than ever need a robust interoperability solution to meet and support these requirements. Learn how BizTalk and Corolar has helped numerous healthcare clients meet their interoperability needs.


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