From Small Business to World Domination with the Microsoft Cloud

12 November, 2018
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Michael Stephenson
Michael is a highly experienced freelance consultant with many years of architecting and delivering integration projects which leverage the Microsoft technology stack. He has deep, practical knowledge of delivering complex solutions with BizTalk, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Azure and associated technologies. Read More

The cloud, serverless and consumption based pricing has enabled small business to use the same technologies that big business is using in enterprise IT. This means that its possible for a small business with the right knowledge and skills to build solutions which take advantage of the latest technology and to pivot and react to changes in a way that gives them an advantage over larger enterprises. In this case we will look at a simulation of a retail scenario showing how you could leverage Azure to solve real world problems and create a solution which bigger competitors would be envious of.


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