Empowering the Business with PowerApps and Flow

6 February, 2017
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Martin Abbott
Martin is an independent Integration and Cloud Architect with over 10 years of experience in many areas of industry. He is based in Perth, Western Australia although originates from the UK where he had a long career with Fujitsu. Read More

Make your users productive with PowerApps and Flow.

PowerApps and Flow are part of Office 365 and allow expert users and business analysts to deliver new applications and processes without all the headache of custom development, vendor engagement and management and long wait times.

PowerApps is a rapid development solution that doesn’t require specialised knowledge in development languages and delivery mechanisms, whilst Flow is Microsoft’s answer to IFTTT for allowing business processes to be easily modelled and then consumed in a range of scenarios including from within PowerApps.

In this session, Martin will cover PowerApps and Flow in detail and show how you can deliver business transformation for a fraction of the cost of bespoke development, whilst maintaining your investment in your key data sources, both on premises and in the cloud.


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