The Community & Sales of Integration Solutions

8 June, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Tom Canter
Tom joined the Phidiax team as the Director of Integration, Sr. Integration and Cloud Architect. He works with Phidiax clients delivering integration solutions that provide on premise, hybrid and cloud architecture. Tom’s deep knowledge Read More

What does it mean to be a VTS… now called P-Sellers, where the VTS idea came from, what it means, where we help in the community and the sales cycle?

I would go over things like:

What does it mean to be a VTS?
Why the VTSP/P-Seller role is important to the partners and the field.
Who are good VTSP candidates and VSSPs?
Here is the key… we are a multifaceted community, community organizers, MVP’s and the hidden VTS team, all working together to make integration successful.

I will talk about my recent experience working with the sales team in Puerto Rico, how we worked hand in hand to build a great sales presentation to go head to head against IBM and WebSphere.

This session should help you to understand some of the background to the integration community and some of the ways the virtual sales teals leverage the community to help win new projects and also give you some ideas for how to talk about integration in a sales context


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