BRE Deep Dive

27 July, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Johann Cooper
Johann is an integration specialist with a passion for building lightweight and best practice integration solutions. He currently holds the role of Principal Integration Consultant at Datacom New Zealand with a focus on the Microsoft stack. Read More

In this session Johann will explain some of the basics of the BizTalk BRE before moving on to advanced topics. Some of the basics include an explanation of what facts are and how the BRE works with them, rule priorities, long running facts, versioning and source control, and deployment. He will then demonstrate some more advanced topics such as executing business rules from a .NET application, rules traceability, and will discuss how to assert the various different types of facts. Finally he will explain and demonstrate the usage of the BRE Pipeline Framework CodePlex project to build loosely coupled and lightweight solutions with minimal custom development.


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