BizTalk Server Tips & Tricks for Developers and Admins (Deep Dive)

22 June, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Sandro Pereira
Sandro Pereira lives in Portugal and he currently works as a BizTalk consultant at DevScope (www.devscope.net). In the last few years he has been working implementing integration scenarios and Cloud Provisioning at a major telecommunications service provider in Portugal. Read More

It’s critical to use good tools and techniques to produce working solutions as quickly as possible and at the same time, given the increase the requirements and number of applications organizations develop today. But at the same time, it’s also critical to maintain the health of the entire platform. In this session I’ll address and share some useful BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks (and Workarounds) both for developers and administrators that we can use in our daily work. And by doing so I’m hoping to simplify a little and/or automate some of the repeating tasks that we normally do and by sharing some unusual things or techniques that we can use I’m hoping to help you simplify your BizTalk solutions. Covering some topics like RosettaNet, SAP, database maintenance, debatching, out-of-the-box pipelines vs custom pipelines and many more.


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