BizTalk Server Performance Tips

20 April, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Johan Hedberg
Johan Hedberg is a Lead BizTalk Architect at Bisnode, working with BizTalk and other products and technologies in the integration area throughout the ALM cycle. He also speaks, trains and authors in these areas. Read More

In this session Johan will expand on his London Summit session and go more into depth on the different topics. For those of you who were in London and want to know more, this is how. For those of you who were not: Johan will examine a (slightly exaggerated) real life case of an over-architected BizTalk solution that performed badly and take you step by step through optimizing the solution to make it well performed without sacrificing architecture or operations insight. Catch up on tips that will remind you to build better and faster solutions. Some oldies and some you might not have examined or were even aware of. The focus is on the solution development, not on infrastructure configuration.


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