BizTalk Server DR Planning, documenting and performing

19 February 2018
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Samuel Kastberg
Samuel Kastberg has worked as a developer and trainer (SQL Server, Windows, C#, Visual Basic) since 1992. In a project in 2004 he run into BizTalk Server, since then Integration has been his primary area. Read More

My phone rings and a customer ask me what to do with his corrupted databases! In most critical systems we spend time to think about high availability, we cluster databases and have redundant host instances etc. Often, planning for how we should recover in case of a disaster is left aside. In case of a disaster a couple of days work creating a plan and practicing can lower time to recover and ensure business continuity. In this session we look at common scenarios to include in our plan and some non-technical aspects of disaster recovery. Topics we will discuss are process questions, recovery of databases, Master Secret and application server. I responded, what about picking up the plan we created?


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