Automated Testing with Logic Apps and Specflow

3 April, 2017
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Michael Stephenson
Michael is a highly experienced freelance consultant with many years of architecting and delivering integration projects which leverage the Microsoft technology stack. He has deep, practical knowledge of delivering complex solutions with BizTalk, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Azure and associated technologies Read More

At Integration Monday, we have had feedback from the audience that people are struggling with understanding how to do automated testing with Logic Apps. Back in the day Mike Stephenson wrote a lot of guidance about automated testing & unit testing for BizTalk. So he took up the challenge of trying to help out on this one.

In this session, we will discus some of the challenges around testing Logic Apps and then we will work through some examples of how testing can be performed and finally we will look at an approach which should put us in a solid place to be able to test Logic Apps both as an individual developer and via an automated build.


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