The Analysis Part of Integration Projects

15 June, 2015
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM BST
Michael Stephenson
Michael is a highly experienced freelance consultant with many years of architecting and delivering integration projects which leverage the Microsoft technology stack. He has deep, Read More

Many of us have follow well established practices for the development side of an integration project with tools like BizTalk, but even though we have been doing integration for many years a lot of projects still struggle with the process of working out what we need to do which puts a big burden on your development team to deliver a project with poor information about the requirements to be delivered. Often analysis before getting into development can be non existent or take a long time and still not capture the right information.

How do we do an effective job to get just the right amount of information to make life easy for a developer to deliver a good solution which is fit for purpose?

In this session Mike will share some ideas on this part of a project and the idea is to encourage some community activity to help people in this area.


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