The top integration features you probably didn’t know existed in Service Bus

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Author: Sriram Hariharan

Sriram Hariharan is the Senior Technical and Content Writer at BizTalk360. He has over 7 years of experience working as documentation specialist for different products and domains. Writing is his passion and he believes in the following quote – “As wings are for an aircraft, a technical document is for a product — be it a product document, user guide, or release notes”.

  • Daniel Toomey

    Does auto-forward incur additional charges?

    • Sander

      Yes, Service Bus bills one operation for each forwarded message.

      For example, sending a message to a topic with 20 subscriptions, each of them configured to auto-forward messages to another queue or topic, is billed as 21 operations if all first-level subscriptions receive a copy of the message.


  • Kent Weare

    Can you use Auto Forward to bridge on-prem to cloud? Write to on prem queue and then have your queue publish to cloud.

    • michael stephenson

      auto forward is within a namespace i think but something like rabbit shovel would be cool

  • Mikael Sand

    What is the status of SB on prem. No updates since 2013. Is it a fully supported product or another “Dublin”/AppFabric?
    Looking to replace MSMQ with something more modern. Should I?

    • Manu

      When can we expect an update for on-prem?

      • GlennColpaert

        Next update of SB on prem will be October this year!
        We checked with the product team couple of weeks back.

  • Sander

    Late, but still an open question for me. In BizTalk 2013 (not R2) there is (to my knowledge, still) a limitation that messages can only be sent to non-partioned topics.

    I had the assumption that auto-forwarding messages to a partitioned topic was possible (so from non-partitioned to partitioned), however when setting this up, messages are not coming in.

    Is this expected behavior?

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