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Different monitoring options for Cloud-native integration solutions

The Microsoft Azure Platform offers you various serverless services like Logic Apps, Service Bus, Functions, and Event Hubs As you deploy them in a production Read more

Unravel BRE Pipeline Framework powerful features for building BizTalk messaging solutions

Discover how to leverage the ease of use and the capabilities of BRE Pipeline Framework to build powerful BizTalk messaging solutions We will also look into some of its Read more

The birth of a new SSO Application Configuration Tool

BizTalk Server leverages the Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for securely storing critical information such as secure configuration properties (for example, Read more

Azure functions and Event Hub bindings

In this session we look into making use of EventHub trigger and output bindings in an Azure function Azure functions support creating a custom binding, by making use of Read more

Azure Functions: Beginners to Advanced – Part 2

This is going to be a multi part series in which we will start from the basics to advanced concepts in Azure Function The objective of this series is to provide one-stop Read more

Logic Apps reuse with microservices design

How do you structure you Logic Apps and related items in a solution What is your naming conventions for Logic Apps I will show a real customer case where we used a Read more

Real World – Rapid prototyping with Logic Apps

This integration Monday session will be a show and tell style session where Mike will present a short topic covering rapid prototyping using Logic Apps We all know that Read more

BizTalk Server DR Planning, documenting and performing

My phone rings and a customer ask me what to do with his corrupted databases! In most critical systems we spend time to think about high availability, we cluster Read more

Serverless Integration book

Abhishek Kumar  is one of the writers of the Robust Cloud integration with Azure book In this session, Abhishek will talk about the successor of that Read more

Azure Integration DTAP Series, How to go from Development to Production – Part 3 Azure Functions

A series of sessions with focus on how to set up a Build & Release setup for Common integration parts with VSTS In these sessions all will be made hands on and Read more

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