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One Name unify them all. Microsoft Information Protection

We are living a complete digital transformation where people are not restricted by apps or devices or even location Work can be done anywhere and on any device which Read more

Securely Publishing Azure Services

Network security is back! Whether you are using Azure Kubernetes Services, IaaS virtual machines, App Services, or any other PaaS feature, securing your application or Read more

Seamless Integration with Azure Blockchain Service using Logic Apps

Blockchain has plateaued for the past months as it losses its hype however, more and more enterprise use-cases being developed to create a consortium network One of the Read more

What’s new in BizTalk Server 2020

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released BizTalk Server 2020 In this ad hoc session, Tom Canter explains what’s new in this latest release of BizTalk Read more

One repo for all with Azure DevOps

When building a unified ecosystem, you often wonder whether you should start with a mono-repo, to keep things consistent, or just go for a loosely-coupled, yet difficult Read more

Kubernetes Test Drive

Are you a Docker aficionado or are you new to the Docker ecosystem Come see how Kubernetes (K8s) adds a mature solution for running containers in production and Read more

Get visibility into your Containers/Kubernetes using Azure Monitor

This session will help you understand the core components of Azure Monitor and how to collect and analyze data to determine the performance, health, and availability of Read more

How to build a Serverless Helmet detection system using Azure Serverless entities

This session will talk about how we can create a serverless helmet detection app using Custom Vision (Azure Cognitive Service), Event Grid, Azure Functions, and Logic Read more

Migrating BizTalk solutions to Azure

Mark has shared his personal experiences creating POC's for a planned migration The talk covered the following topics: - Planning and getting stakeholder Read more

End to end tracking of B2B flows in Logic Apps using Atomic Scope

In this session, Srinivasa Mahendrakar explains how to use Atomic Scope for end to end tracking of B2B flow in Logic Read more

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