Overview of Azure Microservices and the impact on integration – Live Discussion

We will use this blog for live discussion, Q&A during and after the session. In the previous webcast everything was done in the chat window and we lost the conversation.

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  • Howard S. Edidin

    good idea

  • Q: I still don’t get the ‘no central governance’ piece in micoservices. How else are we going to find out what happened? How else are we going to know what is a root cause of something? How else are we going to create hybrid integrations that actually can be supported?

    • Sriram Hariharan

      Charles’ Response on the chat – No central governance’ in the Lewis/Fowler particle means no one dictating a common set of tools and frameworks across differen dev teams.

  • Sachin

    Should have used this instead of chat.

    Here are my questions.

    1. Can we get a technical preview ahead of public preview?

    2. how will this perform? it looks like, not only are we crossing more service boundaries, but every interaction requires a call to gateway services.?

    • saravanamv

      #1. The product group is aiming for public preview around April time frame in the London Summit.

      #2. You should compare performance of Microservices and against traditional solutions like BizTalk Server, if it’s completely different world, and different requirements.

  • Howard S. Edidin

    Do you have any idea when a technical preview would be available?

    • saravanamv

      Around April is the expectation from product group.

      • GlennColpaert

        Release during the summit? 🙂

  • Howard S. Edidin

    Excellent Presentation.

  • Howard S. Edidin

    Would PowerShell be used with microservices?

  • Sachin

    Will there be support for low latency scenarios?

  • Marc Weber

    Support for BAM?

  • Howard S. Edidin

    I have not seen any support for HL7. Is there any plan to include it?

    • michael stephenson

      hi howard we have ramraj speaking the week after your integration monday session and i think he is going to be talking about HL7 and Azure from a dapasoft perspective.

      Do you see healthcare in the US more interested in cloud, in the UK they are very slow to adopt cloud

  • Alexander

    In the end will Azure/Biztalk Microservices make a more productive dev. environment? Will it allow faster integrations?

  • Thanks Sam!

  • Manu

    When can we expect the productive version of azure microservice? Maybe Microsoft can state a approximate date, like end of 2005.

  • michael stephenson

    Hi All,

    I copied most of the key technical comments out of the live meeting chat, see below. If i missed any please add as a comment separately

    Paul Somers@All: why is there so much detail held back about hte workflow engine… its the make or break.

    Mats Iremark@All: what u guys think of the Azure Api management compared to other Api management products?

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: I’m really curious about how fior example BRE will become a microservice. Or Batching. Or do they mean Microservice architecture enabled?

    You@All: Mats – Its cheaper but less fully features. In 2 or 3 weeks Josh Twist is going to be presenting here on #integrationmonday about the next release of API Mgmt and ive heard there are some good things coming

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: And they see management people doing this kind of thing??

    Viewer 143@All: In which cases would apply microservices?

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: Microservices will surface everywhere. SharePoint, Outlook, Excel, PowerBI, Siena, etc.

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: Viewer143: Did you miss the first 10 minutes? The talk is being recorded and you can watch it later

    Sachin Chavan@All: Will the preview be released during Build?

    Sachin Chavan@All: why don’t they have a technical preview for this audience?

    Paul Somers@All: I hope somone from the product team is listening.

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: Like I said in Seattle: Microservices takes the place of SOA as the myhthical beast

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: I’m not worried about the technical details and presentations by the team. I’m worried about how to position this and explain to customers that they can throw away MABS and everything we said about it in the past 3 years.

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: THE main feedback I get from customers today is: All this stuff is great, but we want stability over features.

    Koen Van Oost@All: today we need to be able to exchange info, any time, from/to any device…

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: Guys! Remeber. We are looking into the future here. This is 2 years away in a useable form.

    Koen Van Oost@All: it has to arrive faster

    You@All: i think once the “platform” is there then you can build your own services and over time MS will release some too.

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: Yep. So in the meantime: we don’t have a cloud integration story. Everyone else has already jumped in long time ago.

    Koen Van Oost@All: so give us the platform and built the rest ourselves ?

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: And code ourselves into a corner?

    Koen Van Oost@All: probably 🙂

    Sven Van den brande@All: That will be the future. Let the consultants work …

    Sachin Chavan@All: I hope the One Microsoft change has brought in some urgency and brought down barriers

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: What customers are looking for in an API gateway is not only API mgtm, but also lightweight mediation. At least, that’s what my (large) customers are telling me.

    Sachin Chavan@All: how will this perform? it looks like, not only are we crossing more service boundaries, but every interaction requires a call to gateway services..

    Mats Iremark@All: What about delays calling all these services over HTTP?

    Viewer 154@All: is pub/sub concept applicable to biztalk microservices?

    Paul Somers@All: what about streaming/low latency secnarios?

    Lucas Vogel@All: will they update BAM?

    Manuel Ramm@All: will the mapper of mabs or of bts be used in azure microservices?

    You@All: to me these are all utility microservices….. wonder what the story will be about business and application style microservices. Gijs didnt you once do a whitepaper about that, still feels completely relevant

    Lucas Vogel@All: i wouldn’t be surprised if microservices are the KISS mode of things we attach to using WABS as the services that ties them all together. or something like that

    Charles Young@All: I did. Batching is something conspicuous by its absence in MABS, and poorly supported generall in the iPaaS world.

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: I’m still convinced that Batching should be kept in on-prem integration brokers like BizTalk. Not have that need in Microservices platform.

    Lucas Vogel@All: one-off services – hence “micro” tied together using something ‘bigger’ like MABS

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: If MABS is B2B gateway only in Azure, then we’ll need batching there as well. But I see that as something different than the Microservices platform. Two different beasts IMO.

    Koen Van Oost@All: extending apps with integration microservices acting as a gateway for this app

    Koen Van Oost@All: no more ESB

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: Also: How do yougarantee that the service owner doesen’t change tha charge per call all of a sudden från .0 dorrals to 100 dollars.

    You@All: EAI + ESB and Services working together with guidance on where to use what. They solve different problems and can work together but lots of commentators always say one is better than the others. Thats the problem

    Matt Corr@All: there are tools like BTDF that make BizTalk deployment pretty easy. (if configured right)

    Howard S. Edidin@All: How about a microservice to generate documentation for other service?

    Lucas Vogel@All: reminds me of BizTalk 2004’s “deploy through visual studio” process

    DPS Bali@All: @Gijs on a lighter note I am worried about business users, how many would like to get hands on something like this

    Dan Toomey@All: We need BTDF for MABS

    Paul Somers@All: BTDF is not great. There are much better ways.

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: @DPS business users should never touch any of this. DevOps? Yes. But it needs to become much more mature first.

    Sachin Chavan@All: I am guessing everything will move to PowerShell

    Matt Corr@All: Paul: What would you recommend?

    Koen Van Oost@All: Automate deployment through PowerShell, is how I would do it

    You@All: nolio is good for biztalk automated deployment

    Viewer 118@All: that is indeed good for automated scheduled deployment.. may be with release management

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: WE NEED CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT in a Microservices world as well.

    Charles Young@All: ‘No central governance’ in the Lewis/Fowler particle means no one dictating a common set of tools and frameworks across differen dev teams.

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: @Charles, ah, is that how you interpreted that?

    Paul Somers@All: how can you provide this when there may be 1000 different people using the same micro service.

    Charles Young@All: Well, that’s how they explain it. Their concern was that you can mix microservices regardless of the technologies used to implement them. I think using the term ‘central governance’ is this cntext is confusing, but that seems to be what was uppermost i their minds.

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: why not make people HAVE to implement some logging/governance interface in order to be hosted in Azure?

    Gijs in ‘t Veld (Motion10 CTO)@All: Yes, mandatory instrumentation for microservices!

    Dan Toomey@All: a common logging interface would certainly be helpful

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: Yes! FOrward that to the team.

    Koen Van Oost@All: Tracking?

    Sachin Chavan@All: What about support for low latency scenarios?

    MSaaS (Mikael sand aa Service)@All: That is just logging. Noone watch just that, but rather some kind of “debugmode”.

    Richard Hallgren@All: Has anything been mentioned around communicating to onprem resources from and to Microservices? That should be a nice way to move in to this as a lot things will continue to live on prem for some time.

    Dan Toomey@All: Extensibility via cloud comes at a price (latency)

    Marc Weber@All: BAM support?

    You@All: tip for the low latency and logging… mule just decided they needed to release an async logging framework this week to sort out their problematic logging. Hope Ms dont make the same mistake

    Sachin Chavan@All: well..given that there is going to be paity with on-prem.. I am interested also on-prem low latency scenarios

    Koen Van Oost@All: BAM cross services will be hard I think

    Koen Van Oost@All: seperate BAM microservice

    You@All: koen, will BAM not be publish an event to event hubs and let it go to the BI stack then use which ever BI tool to analyse data. I hope its simpler than now

    Koen Van Oost@All: eventhubs looks good

    Koen Van Oost@All: we need to be able to aggregate the monitoring data

    Paul Somers@All: BAM as a microservice your other microservices could be told to use as their logging engine.

    Lucas Vogel@All: having an AS2 service in the cloud would be great

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