High available BizTalk infrastructure on Azure IaaS

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Author: Sriram Hariharan

Sriram Hariharan is the Senior Technical and Content Writer at BizTalk360. He has over 7 years of experience working as documentation specialist for different products and domains. Writing is his passion and he believes in the following quote - “As wings are for an aircraft, a technical document is for a product — be it a product document, user guide, or release notes”.

  • MikeStephensonUK

    Salvatore – When you did the performance test were you using Data Keeper in sync or async mode?

    • Salvatore Pellitteri

      I used only sync mode in my lab.

  • MikeStephensonUK
  • MikeStephensonUK

    questions for after session. Based on your gut feeling, if the BizTalk Team had an official support statement for Data Keeper

    1. would it be something you would use in production without any worries
    2. Are there any areas you would feel had some risk

  • MikeStephensonUK

    Please add a +1 if you would like to see microsoft provide support for this approach or a -1 if you dont care or dont want it.

  • MikeStephensonUK

    My hope is that until MS offer some other option, Data Keeper can be used to provide us a way to get something like the SharePoint think Scott Gu demo’d where he span up a fully HA sharepoint in Azure in 20 minutes with about 5 clicks.

    This is the biggest way to lower barriers of entry for mid-level BizTalk customers and means you can ensure your environment could be built to a consistent best practice.

    High Volume customers prob would do it on prem anyway but the mid range ones this could be a great opportunity

  • Salam Elias

    Can we use datakeeper to cluster SQL Azure

  • Sam Vanhoutte

    is BizTalk the only server product of Microsoft that doesn’t work with SQL Always on ?

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